Sage Transformative Agreement

Sage Transformative Agreement: A Game Changer for Open Access Publishing

In recent years, the movement towards open access publishing has gained significant momentum, with researchers and institutions increasingly recognizing the benefits of making scientific research freely available to the public. One key development in this area is the emergence of transformative agreements, which aim to transform traditional subscription-based publishing models into more sustainable, equitable, and open access models.

One such agreement is the Sage Transformative Agreement, which was launched in 2020 by academic publisher Sage Publishing. This agreement represents a significant shift in the way scholarly publishing is conducted, and has the potential to greatly benefit both researchers and the wider public.

Under the Sage Transformative Agreement, participating institutions pay a single fee that covers access to all of Sage`s journals, as well as the publishing fees for authors who choose to publish their work open access. This means that authors are no longer required to pay individual article processing charges, which can be prohibitively expensive for researchers from less well-funded institutions.

The agreement also includes a commitment from Sage to increase the proportion of open access content it publishes, with a target of at least 80% of its articles being made freely available by 2021. This means that researchers and the public will have greater access to important scientific research, regardless of their institutional affiliations or financial means.

In addition, the Sage Transformative Agreement includes a range of other benefits, including access to data analytics and usage statistics, which can help institutions and researchers better understand the impact of their work. The agreement also includes provisions for sharing research data and code, which can help to promote transparency and reproducibility in the scientific community.

Overall, the Sage Transformative Agreement represents a significant step forward in the move towards open access publishing. By providing a more equitable and sustainable model for publishing scientific research, this agreement has the potential to greatly benefit both researchers and the wider public. As more institutions and publishers adopt transformative agreements like this one, we can look forward to a future where scientific knowledge is freely and openly available to all who seek it.